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Mintprice has a range of cutting knives for arts and crafts use to suit all budgets and requirements. From light duty knives to scalpels, to heavy duty use, you'll find it here in our catalogue. Our leading brands include 5 Star, Stanley aond COBA.

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Q-Connect Light Duty 9mm Cutter 120BC

from £0.41 ex VAT

Q-Connect Heavy Duty 18mm Cutter 68BC

from £1.15 ex VAT

Q-Connect Medium Duty 18mm Cutter M80BC

from £0.62 ex VAT

Stanley Knife Snap-Off Blade 18mm 0-10-151

from £2.52 ex VAT

Swordfish Scalpel Blades No.10A Metal (Pack of 100) 43802

from £22.28 ex VAT

Stanley Knife Snap-Off Blade 9mm 0-10-150

from £1.93 ex VAT

Stanley Knife Retractable 99E 2-10-099

from £6.91 ex VAT

Q-Connect Light Duty 9mm Blades (Pack of 10) KF14757

from £0.80 ex VAT

Swordfish Scalpel No.3 Handle With 4 Blades Metal 43110

from £11.32 ex VAT

Q-Connect Medium/Heavy Duty Cutter Blades (Pack of 12) KF10636

from £0.97 ex VAT

Stanley Safety Spring Back Knife 0-10-189

from £8.60 ex VAT

Stanley Fixed Safety Knife Blades (Pack of 10) 2-11-987

from £2.74 ex VAT

Q-Connect Universal Cutter Blade (Pack of 5) KF15433

from £0.87 ex VAT

Stanley Disposable Knife Carded (Pack of 3) 0-10-601

from £2.34 ex VAT

Slice Auto Retract Utility Knife With Ceramic Blade 10554

from £17.91 ex VAT

Slice Manual Utility Knife With Ceramic Blade 10550

from £17.91 ex VAT


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